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inside view of Skeletonized Sk98



About the Arcadian Clock Co.

The Arcadian Clock Co. was founded in 1979 and is run by the master clockmaker David Munro. In our workshop in Cranford, New Jersey we design and build original precision regulators. Our goal as artisinal horologists is to create clocks of the highest quality of craftsmanship that are both aesthetically and technologically innovative to inspire awe and wonder in the viewer.

top view of turning pulley and support from Munro work in progress

A handmade clock can take years to develop, and even our simplest movements require many months of work. We immerse ourselves in the smallest details of each clock, paying as much attention to the visual impact of a tiny highly polished screw as to the functional aspects of the escapement. The accuracy of our machining is such that .001", or half the thickness of a human hair, is a major concern.


above: weight for Munro No. 9

left: barrel with maintaining power for Munro No. 11

below: silvered dial of Munro No. 1

Our clocks derive from the tradition of French precision horology of the 18th and 19th centuries. Inspired by the work of the master horologists, we try to follow in their path of scientific inquiry and aesthetic simplicity while making truly modern works of art. Arcadian Clock Co. regulators have sold at Christie’s and Antiquorum. If you are interested in our work, please email us:


The flooding from Hurricane Irene

and the continuing reconstruction.

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