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Three train English longcase movement by East

Clock repair service

It's a commonplace observation among clock professionals that "there is no such thing as a simple job." As even commonplace manufactured movements become older, problems that once were found on period antiques, such as the need to remanufacture worn or broken parts, become more common. We would be pleased to evaluate your clock, and give an estimate for it's restoration. There is no charge for this service if you bring the clock to us.

The workshop is just west exit 137 of the Garden State Parkway. North Avenue is Rt. 28.

Arcadican Clock Co.

189 North Avenue East

Cranford, NJ 07016

(908) 276-0276

The workshop is located behind a red house. We ask you call for an appointment, as we have service calls that take us out of the workshop.


Tompion longcase movement


Choosing a Clockmaker
Anyone with a bucket of cleaning solution and a hammer can call themselves a clockmaker, whether or not they have ever actually made a clock. The fact is that in most places in the United States, no qualifications are required to be entrusted with the restoration of your clock. You must assess the qualifications of each self-proclaimed "clockmaker" on your own. Is the person qualified? Do they have experience? Is their shop fully equipped? Are they currently working on clocks like yours? These are questions that are best asked before, rather than after the fact. Unlike a bad haircut that will grow out in a month, a bad clock repair can render permanent damage to your valuable clock.

Hands made by David Munro on a Thuret clock


Years of Experience

As professionals, with decades of experience in the restoration of high-grade timepieces, we have the practical understanding of what each restoration job requires. If you have a quality clock, particularly one of European origin, we have most likely worked on that type of movement. From unusual striking and chiming configurations, to calendars simple and complex, to repetition trains of every sort, it is rare to find a complication that we have not worked on, and in many cases reconstructed from holes in the plates. We have practical experience with escapements from the early verge to the most complex constant force designs. We have been entrusted with the restoration of works by the greatest makers in the history of horology.

French skeleton clock

French repetition


English bracket clock verge escapement


Computer Design

In our workshop, we have been using the latest CAD applications for many years. There is a good chance that the part your clock needs has drawings on file that can be adapted to your job. Since all parts we make are done from numeric measurements, there is a bonus of accuracy that is just not available to the workman using traditional hand methods of fabrication.

Continuing Studies
We have an extensive library of horological works, as well as of movement photographs, a few of which you can see on this page. This continuing study of the theory and aesthetics of horology gives us an advantage in knowing the specific needs of your clock.


A Network of Suppliers

We work with a wide variety of outside suppliers in both our clock making and restoring work. Besides traditional horological suppliers, we work with:
----suppliers of precision components to industry
----woodworkers and finishers
----glass cutters
----marble workers
----polishers and heat treaters
----dial makers and restorers

Thank you
Taking the time to read this has given you a bit of understanding of the issues involved in selecting the clockmaker who is right for you and your clock. If we can be of any assistance to you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call.


The Arcadian Clock

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