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CAD drawing of the upper train from the Remontoire Regulator

At the Arcadian Clock Co. we are trying to dispel the quaint image of a clockmaker bent over his workbench laboriously filing smooth the crossings of his wheels. Our jeweler’s saw and watchmaker’s lathe still have a place in the workshop, but they are joined with new machining practices that move horology into the modern age.

CAM created toolpaths for milling wheel crossings

The newest addition to our workshop is our CNC milling machine. After drawing a part on the computer and writing a program for machining it, we can press a button and the machine will do the rest (while we anxiously watch to make sure that weeks of work aren’t destroyed by the unexplained random plunge of an end mill.) Along with milling, we use the CNC for engine turning and engraving. The Computer Numeric Control enables us to accurately create shapes, like ovals, that would otherwise be impossible. As a result, instead of using the machine to quickly create simple forms, we feel empowered to make our work even more geometrically complex.


cutting pinions


measuring tools

One important advantage for the horologist using modern machining is the increase in accuracy. When we use our Moore jig borer, we can be absolutely certain that the holes we drill are exactly perpendicular and in the right place. Our Hardinge lathe is one of the best engine lathes ever made and enables us to easily turn arbors to exact dimension.

The Arcadian Clock Co. Collection of Serious Toolroom Machinery


Hardinge HLVH toolrooom lathe

Our Hardinge Lathes


Coming soon: the Hardinge super precision "chucker" lathe. This will have the finish and precision of the HLV-H (it's built on the same frame)
but with computer control of tooling, cutoff, part catching, coolant, and everything needed to produce accurate parts in series.

Hardinge DV59 toolmakers lathe



Our Milling Machines

Bridgeport R2E3 CNC milling machine

Moore #1 1/2 jig borer

Vertical knee mill


Okamoto Surface Grinder

This machine, a 6" x18" Okamoto surface grinder, has high-grade spindle bearings and built-in coolant; it has greatly improved our surface finishes.


Optical Comparator

With the optical comparator, you can check the accuracy of a part by projecting it's profile 10 or 20 times its size and comparing it with a drawing.

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