The Arcadian R Astronomical Regulator

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We are currently in production of five astronomical regulators in the style of Thomas Reid of Edinburgh (1762-1823). This movement demonstrates a balance of massiveness and delicacy as the thick plates and immense pendulum suspension bracket allow for the contrastingly subtle drop of the escapement. The delicacy of the escapement is evident in the elegantly smooth gliding of the seconds hand and the small swing of the pendulum which closely fits the slender case.

  • -substantial 8 day movement
  • -silvered dial with minute ring enclosing subsidiary seconds ring and hour aperture
  • -maintaining power
  • -jeweled split impulse deadbeat escapement
  • -jeweled upper train pivots with hardened blue steel endcaps
  • -gridiron temperature compensated pendulum
  • -solid brass bob suspended at the center of gravity
  • -mahogany case by Scott Ernst


Detail map of the Arcadian R

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