The Munro Skeletonized Half Seconds Regulator

currently available for purchase

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After nearly three years of construction, the Munro No. 8 skeletonized regulator is completed and available for purchase. This unique clock is distinguished by its remarkably thin profile and elaborate gilt brass case. The engine-turning on the back plate creates a shimmering ground that catches light and illuminates the movement. Light is also brought into the movement with the cutting away of the plates into spokes that radiate to the minute ring like a stained glass rose window.

inside view of uniblock movement; click to enlarge

This clock features an exaggerated version of the Graham dead beat escapement, where the arms of the escapement thread through the front plate and act upon the teeth of the escape wheel on the opposite side of the movement. This produces a pendulum with an extremely small amplitude, and requires a surface with substantial support.


Every power bearing pivot in the movement is jeweled, and provided with endstones when possible. The thin profile of the movement means that arbors can be thin and light, while still providing the rigidity needed for stable power transmission.

The uniblock movement construction, like the Lapine calipre in watches, is a radical simplification of movement design. In this instance the single block of brass, which constitutes the front plate, bezel, and dial plate of the movement, has been reduced still further by the decorative carving of the center section.

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