Munro No. 11


the escapement recessed in the seconds subsidary dial

The No. 11 is an interpretation of the classic astronomical regulator in mantle-scaled half seconds proportions. The mahogany and glass case has the classic break-arch door, and is positioned on a fitted block of tan marble to complement the case.


above: the back of the movement as viewed through the left window

below: a close-up from the same view showing the compact arrangement of wheels



The narrow movement is positioned in front of the massive gridiron temperature compensating pendulum for a compact layout, with the weight drop positioned in the recess of lyre-shaped mounting bracket.

the weight drop viewed from above through the arched glass top

looking straight across through the left glass arch

above: looking though the left arched window at the pulley support arm and the back of the movement

below: a different view through the same window focusing on the wheels with unique hexagon colleting



The movement and pendulum are close together in this extremely compact case, and the weight descends between them. Note how one side of the movement is free of mechanism to provide weight clearance, and the threaded turning pulley guides the weight forward as it drops to clear the movement at the top, and also the pendulum bob as it drops.


A detail view of the barrel with maintaining power. The cap jewel settings are hardened blued steel, with the synthetic ruby caps burnished into gold bezels.

The pulley shroud holds the pulley partly inside the weight to preserve weight drop. Unlike the traditional screwed bracket arrangement, it has a pair of hooks which hold a crossbar cast into the body of the weight.

looking straight across through the right glass arch at the horizontal crutch


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