Munro No. 7

The No. 7 astronomical regulator is a radical departure from previous work. In this clock the traditional architecture of the movement has been replaced by a single block construction based on the Lepine caliper in watches. This is the first regulator utilizing the "uniblock", a single block of brass forming the front plate of the movement, which doubles as the dial plate and the bezel, with it’s edge being decoratively engine-turned.

inside view of the uniblock; train wheels are secured by bridges, and the block is cut away for wheel recesses.


Details of the escapement
The No. 7 features a split impulse (club tooth) escapement which keeps drop to a minimum. The steel 'scape wheel pictured on the left is .015" (the thickness of a business card). The verge is made of .032" spring steel set with synthetic ruby pallet stones.

matte finish sterling silver dials with sunken subsidaries and blue steel hands.

  • Half seconds pendulum, with flat bar grid iron temperature compensation.
  • Two pound weight driven, with a weight drop of 12.5 inches for eight days.
  • White marble base and backboard for stability.
  • Pull-wind mechanism to keep the case from being opened and letting dirt in on a weekly basis. The small counterweight on the left pulls the winding cord back into the case.
  • Extended arm pendulum reduces pendulum amplitude to a minimum.
  • Jeweled bearings used at all the power transmitting arbors.
  • Endstones are used in all pivots not holding hands.
  • Horizontal crutch prevents the knife edge suspension alignment problems.

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